A fast growing economy needs an equally robust financial ecosystem to back it. At StockHolding we are committed to making it happen. We were incorporated in 1986 as a Public Limited Company and are a subsidiary of IFCI Limited. Our equity capital is held by leading financial companies and banks like LIC, GIC, IFCI Ltd.,SU-UTI, NIA, NIC, UIC, and TOICL.

Since our inception, we have evolved steadily to be a financial powerhouse offering a suite of offerings which help to ease the financial planning needs of individuals. Covering short-term savings, investments in the stock market, personal & family needs, long-term security, easy loans, retirement plans and even protection for life & valuables.

Simultaneously, we brought an entire spectrum of financial products and services to help businesses grow.By simplifying depository participation, raising capital, protecting assets and life, managing documents, imparting training and bringing exciting schemes for emloyees.

That’s not all. We have pioneered Demat services in India and our e-Stamping service has made payment of Government dues hassle-free. As India’s Premier Custodian, we offer a comprehensive spread of custodial services that allow both Indian Institutional Investors and Foreign Portfolio Investors to invest in India with confidence.

As peoples’ needs keep growing, we are ready with our enhanced efficiencies and new technology to offer world-class service that delights. Little wonder then that, we are soaring higher and happily catering to over 7.5 lakh customers, through a growing nationwide network of over 200 branches.